$99 Business Classes

Bristol Community College offers non-credit, professional development classes, where you can learn in a relaxed, low-key setting. We have classes on campus and we also offer customized classes at companies and not-for-profit & public organizations. 

Community Resource Day Ends with Great Success

Saint Anne’s Mission and Multicultural Health Committees sponsored Community Resource Day on Friday, October 23rd at Heritage State Park’s visitor’s building.  Along with Saint Anne’s services, many different organizations participated at the event to educate our multicultural community on services that are available to them in the areas of advocacy/support, government, housing, interpreter services, legal, medical, mental health, nutrition, religion, schools, and vocational rehabilitation to name a f

New Director at United Neighbors of Fall River

Hi. My name is Wendy Garf-Lipp and I am the new director of United Neighbors of Fall River. I am very excited to be moved into this position. Fall River is a community that is rich in resources, initiatives and people that are working to change the way Fall River residents live, the way they view the lives of others and the way they come together to help sustain change. One of my heroes is Margaret Mead, the noted American cultural anthropologists.She said,

Fall River Fitness Challenge

Over the weekend a warm-up for the Fall River Fitness Challenge at the Municipal Veterans Memorial Gym at CDREC. The warm-up brought in people participating in the Fitness Challenge to get weighted, have their blood pressure taken, and have their information reviewed with a local nursing student.  The Fitness Challenge brings together CDREC, the Diabetes Association Inc., Healthy City Fall River, Children In Balance and the Fall River

1 Billion Souls Standing for Peace

Do you want to see more peace in your life? Do you want to feel like you are making a difference? Planting Seeds and The Kind Foundation have set up a site to count people that stand for peace. Planting-seeds.com allows each user to sign-up and stand for peace; each user is issued a unique number. Then you can print out your certificate. To the left is what the certificate looks like. My number is 5,156. They are trying to count up to 1 billion.