Welcome to MyFallRiver from Healthy City Fall River

   Welcome to the beta version of MyFallRiver.org, an interactive web page serving the entire City!  
   Healthy City Fall River is partrnering with United Neighbors to launch this new site along with over a dozen local sponsoring organizations. This page is designed to be "owned" by people who live or work in the City of Fall River. From news announcements to the commuity calendar, to blogs on a host of topics and a directory of local resources, we hope the page will serve the community.
   For the first few months, we will be building the content of the page so you may not find a lot here to begin with. By the spring of 2009, however, we expect to have a fully operational page and will do a public launch so everyone will know about it.
  In the meantime, we welcome your participation. Feel free to start a blog, enter a calendar item or post an announcement. The more people who participate, the better the page will become.
   To make sure that people know how to use the page and all of its features, we'll be holding trainings at worksites throughout the city. Then, people can teach one another.
   We're looking forward to your becoming a regular user!